A new survey shows Specialists in Quebec are in favour of euthanasia. Assisted suicide is more common than the public realizes.

A recent poll of Quebec medical specialists found that 75 per cent of those who answered the poll were “certainly” or “probably” in favour of legalizing euthanasia, as long as the practice were strictly regulated, according to a CBC report.

The president of the federation of Quebec medical specialists, Dr. GaĆ©tan Barrette, compared the debate over euthanasia to the one 20 years ago surrounding legal access to abortion. The public was largely in favour of that practice, but doctors hesitated. “Society was ahead,” [on the abortion issue], he said. “Doctors came after, and then governments legislated much later after [the] Superior Court had to rule [ on the issue],” said Barrette. Similarly, according to Barrette, Canada needs a clear law on euthanasia.

The Assembly of good Christians supports voluntary death with dignity by doctor assisted suicide. See our brief before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1996. In Canada the AGC has increased its efforts to secure common sense moral laws that encourage compassion and respect, not catholicism and rejection.


The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an application by Alberta’s Hutterites to re-hear an earlier ruling by the federal court refusing to exempt members of the Hutterite community from photo driver’s licenses. The application was one of the last avenues of appeal open to the Hutterite Brethren of Wilson Colon and the Three Hills Hutterite Colony in southern Alberta. The two communities interpret the second commandment (banning graven images) as a prohibition against photographs. The decision sets an important precedent for how religious freedoms are interpreted at both federal and provincial levels of government and is of special interest for social conservatives and faith-based advocates across the country since the case pitted religious freedom against provincial legislation.

The AGC also declines the use of government issued photo identification, albeit for different reasons and supported the legal position of the Hutterite Colonies.

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North American offices of the AGC will be closed for the Labor Day weekend, re-opening Tuesday, 8 September.

AGC has moved up the dates concerning cutbacks in some services , starting with its online presence.

AGC office stays closed until Mon 24 August in large part due to the high heat and humidity in effect.

Like us the Amish see the recession as a challenge and a blessing


AGC Elders will consider group requests from Roman Catholic groups

The AGC is prepared to consider on a case by case basis applications requesting a transfer of ecclesiastical jurisdiction from members of Roman Rite religious orders as well as members of the lay group Voice of the Faithful. http://bit.ly/jDC7W